Advantages of HaloBeam's Light up Selfie Case

Advantages of HaloBeam’s Light up Selfie Case:
  • Provides simple lighting at all times, allowing selfie pictures, video chats and conferences whenever, wherever.
  • The case uses an independent battery, which is rechargeable, thus conserving the phone’s battery.
  • Snug fit allows you to access all other phone buttons without any hiccups.
We made this light up selfie case for all ages and people who want a highly effective and reliable product to make looking back on simple life experiences look extraordinary.  With almost half our days shrouded in darkness, it is best not to take a chance with not only pictures but also especially when it comes to video calls, video recordings, meetings and conferences.  Give your phone not just added protection, but also a lighting aid to its front facing camera when required.

Upgrade to a HaloBeam cell phone case today, and see the difference for yourself!