Welcome to our online store!  HaloBeam is a company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of cutting edge top-notch cell phone cases.  We aim to be a brand for those who crave innovation for a device that is the most central part of our daily lives, our cell phones.  Our initial range of products includes the revolutionary light up selfie case and the clever, yet convenient selfie stick phone case along with a tempered glass screen protector.  We are headquartered out of Pennsylvania and ship from our warehouse in Michigan.  We also have an office in the Netherlands but worry not, we ship our cases worldwide!  Order from anywhere and we’ll make the journey very simple.

As a founding member of HaloBeam, I am an avid traveler who regularly goes on day trips / weekend journeys and I take a lot of pictures along with selfie pictures just like everyone else.  I spend most of my time split between the United States and Europe.  Living or traveling abroad and trying to take pictures in bad lighting was always hit or miss.  Asking strangers to take pictures of me in front of a scenic backdrop got old especially when I got unlucky with people who can’t take pictures.  Making video calls to my family and friends with a time difference was frustrating too because there was always bad lighting at some point for me or the person on the other end.  It happened so often and the idea of HaloBeam in creating cool phone cases to help take pictures or use video through calling or recording on your cell phone in any environment was born!

We at HaloBeam believe in using the highest quality raw materials to lay the foundation for our stylish and durable products.  HaloBeam’s fundamental goal is to create value to our customers with a focus on finding the right balance of design and functionality of our products, without missing the finer details all at a fair price.

In today’s modern age, smartphones have become more of a necessity than a luxury, and one needs to protect it to ensure solid performance in the long run.  At HaloBeam, we strive in delivering the sturdiest and most reliable phone cases.

We are committed to all the cell phone lovers out there. If you really love your phone and want to add some personality to it while keeping its functionality intact for as long as possible, you came to the right place and a HaloBeam case is what you need!  We stand by our product and look forward to any and all feedback our customers provide.  Upgrade your phone case today and highlight all the special moments in your life with a HaloBeam case!

“HaloBeam, Highlight Your Moments!