Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Why You Need a HaloBeam Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

The latest iPhone and Android based smartphones command steep prices.  To really get value for your money from something so expensive, you need to invest in something that protects the all-important screen.  Because let’s face it, you can operate your phone without audio but there is no way that you can do without a proper display.  When it comes to screen protection, nothing compares to the feel and clarity as real glass.  HaloBeam introduces its tempered glass screen protector.  This protector offers numerous benefits and ensures that your screen never goes blank when you need it most.

The Benefits:

  • Protection from Dust
  • Resistant to Cracks
  • Feels the same as your normal screen 
  • Highly transparent and provides high definition clarity with smooth touchscreen precision accuracy.
  • Laser cut tempered glass made with 2.5D polished rounded edges.
  • The Oleophobic Coating resists oils and prevents fingerprints which keeps screen crisp and clear.
  • Scratch resistant to safeguard phone against scrapes, falls, or any sharp objects like keys or knives.  
  • Ultra thin premium glass for true touch sensitivity and highly responsive.

    Leave no stone unturned to provide the protection your smartphone screen needs!  Turn to HaloBeam today!