Selfie Stick Cases

Why you need a selfie stick case:

So you just purchased a selfie stick but you realize it’s clunky and a bit inconvenient to carry around.  A lot of people think it makes you look kind of dorky too.  If you think needing this separate selfie stick is the only way to click some great pictures of you and your loved ones together in the same frame, you are mistaken.  For the selfie stick to be properly and conveniently attached to your phone, you need to invest in a HaloBeam selfie stick phone case!

This is a sleek, stylish and compact smartphone case with a magically hidden built in selfie stick that extends out as long as 2.36 feet / 28 inches / 72cm.  The extendable selfie stick pulls out smoothly and is made out of premium aluminum alloy while the case is made of heavy duty ABS plastic.  This is a cell phone case and selfie stick all in one! 

    The HaloBeam selfie stick phone case is a must have item for those who love to capture special moments anywhere and anytime on the go!  No more being burdened carrying extra equipment or gadgets to get the right angle and distance for taking the perfect selfie or group picture.  No more having a missing person in a group picture because that person needs to snap the photo from afar.  Attach the HaloBeam selfie stick case to your cell phone and set it up in seconds only for special moments or something that truly merits a picture!

    What are you waiting for?  Don’t settle for substandard pictures anymore.  Always be prepared and get your HaloBeam selfie stick case today!