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Our line of innovative cellphone cases put the fun in functional.  All HaloBeam cases are crafted perfectly to fit and protect your iPhone or Android device.  With a wide range of assorted colors, find the HaloBeam Light-Up Selfie Case or the HaloBeam Selfie Stick Case that matches your personal style.  

Good lighting is the key to great photos.  Say “Goodbye” to grainy, dull photos, lackluster selfies and dimly lit video chat.  With the HaloBeam Light Up Selfie Case, you can add perfect lighting to your selfie on cloudy days, rooms with poor lighting, and even pitch black settings!

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HaloBeam Introduces the Light up Selfie Case!
Everyone deserves to look good!  The HaloBeam Case fits perfectly on your iPhone or Android and its sleek, stylish design adds protection to your smartphone without bulk to fit your needs.  Made with dozens of illuminating LED lights, it’s easy to snap a glowing selfie, call a friend to video chat or brighten the scene around you.

Use HaloBeam and never miss out on capturing a special moment because of poor lighting!  We blended a lightweight, compact and beautifully designed phone case that uses bright LED lights to enhance the possibilities of your front facing camera.

How does it work?

The HaloBeam Light Up Selfie Case offers fully adjustable, professional quality lighting.  It’s easy to find your favorite brightness setting with the click of a button. Simply press and hold to adjust the brightness setting and double-click for a fun strobe light effect.  All done? Just click the button again to turn off and your setting will be saved for next time.

Rejuvenate your phone case today and highlight all the special moments in your life with a HaloBeam case!

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Advantages of HaloBeam’s Light up Selfie Case:
  • Provides simple lighting at all times, allowing selfie pictures, video chats and conferences whenever, wherever.
  • The case uses an independent battery, which is rechargeable, thus conserving the phone’s battery.
  • Snug fit allows you to access all other phone buttons without any hiccups.
We made this light up selfie case for all ages and people who want a highly effective and reliable product to make looking back on simple life experiences look extraordinary.  With almost half our days shrouded in darkness, it is best not to take a chance with not only pictures but also especially when it comes to video calls, video recordings, meetings and conferences.  Give your phone not just added protection, but also a lighting aid to its front facing camera when required.

Upgrade to a HaloBeam cell phone case today, and see the difference for yourself!

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